Internal & external issues, Stakeholders.
Scope of ISO management system, shall be determined from defined internal & external issues and stakholders.  HSE Consulting apples PESTLE analysis for external issues and has a proven method for identifying stakeholder and stakeholder analysis.

HSE Policy for businesses and institutions
To ensure efficient HSE Management in your company it is important to develop and maintain an HSE Policy. The HSE Policy should be simple, straight the point and put together and owned by management. The HSE Policy shall be visible to all employees and shall be the leading document to deliver the company‘s HSE vision. HSE Consulting have created a number of HSE policies for various business, both in Iceland and abroad.

Legal and other requirements
It‘s mandatory for all companies to comply to the HSE framework applicable to the operation of the company. HSE Consulting provides tools for your company to ensure that legal compliance is managed and maintained. HSE Consulting also specializes in licence applications for your business.

Risk Management –Risk Assessments
HSE Consulting has extensive experience in risk assessments and has conducted hundreds in various industries both in Iceland and abroad. HSE consulting has performed risk assessments in the oil industry, aluminum smelter, major construction projects, oil platforms, gas systems, biosimilars and in the manufacturing industry. To ensure best practices and to maximise results in risk assessments, HSE Consulting emphasis on pre-planning and the involvement of stakeholders for each company. Based on our experience, HSE Consulting provides best practice in Risk Assessments which prioritises simplicity and practicality.

HSE Budget
It´s important to ensure resources in HSE management work, both financial and human. HSE Budget gives the overview to manage HSE work within the identified financial boundaries. HSE Consulting provides HSE budget management for companies and projects. As for any business area it‘s important to identify the resources available and needed for successful HSE management.

HSE Objectives
HSE Consulting has experience in working with best practices when it comes to objective setting. Objectives are heavily linked with the HSE policy of the company and the HSE budget. HSE Consulting focuses on clear and simple objectives, where managers and employees work together to identify and solve HSE challenges. Here the input /ownership from employees is extremely important. In best practice, the majority of the objectives are based upon leading indicators as opposite to lagging indicators. The selection/identification of the objectives depends on the HSE culture of the company. HSE Consulting provides advice on HSE objective setting.

HSE Training, competency and awareness
HSE Consulting provides support on identification of HSE training requirements needed for all persons working under the control of the company. HSE training is an opportunity to inform all employees on the most important HSE aspects in their day to day activities. Also in many cases and for many jobs performed it is a legal requirement to ensure employees have the right qualification to perform certain tasks.

Contractor Management
Contractors play an important role in day-to-day operations and in projects.  Effective HSE contractor management is needed to ensure acceptable performance in HSE.  It is important to ensure contractor’s commitment to HSE from the start.  Owner’s requirements for the HSE work must be clear from day one and should be a cooperation between the owner and the contractor(s).  HSE applies best practices for the process of contractor management.  The aim is to identify the risks that the contractors are exposed to and ensure preventive actions are in place and implemented to prevent injuries and protect the environment.

HSE Communication
How does the company plan HSE communications? Is there a plan or a structure to get key HSE messages to employees? This is an important, but often underestimated factor in HSE Management of a company. To keep HSE data/tools such as policy, risk assessments and work instructions in drawers and away from employees will lead to failure. It has to be ensured that employees have easy access to HSE data/tools and are informed regularly on what is expected of them in terms of HSE and the companies policy and objectives. Employees should also be given the opportunity to discuss the day to day HSE issues/challenges they are exposed to and the opportunities or improvements they see in the business. HSE Consulting provides advice to get information to the employees. HSE Consulting has formed several HSE Committees for small and bigger companies, both in Iceland and abroad. Safety Committees are a legal requirement for all companies with over 50 employees on the payroll. A Safety committee is the perfect platform to ensure two way communication as the committee has representatives from the managers (employer) and also representatives from the employees. To ensure an effective committee for the company and for the employees, it is extremely important to have clear mandates for the committee. HSE Consulting can set-up safety committees, chair the meetings and actively participate in implementing approved actions that arise.

Process mapping, operational controls, work instructions, guidance and work permits
HSE Consulting has extensive experience in this area and has worked with world class companies in HSE in mapping, identifying, writing and implementing systems. HSE Consulting emphasizes on simplicity and practicality when it comes to work instruction – best practices.

Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning
HSE has developed various plans for companies in Iceland and abroad. Also been a member of Business Continuity committees, Crisis Management Teams. HSE Consulting has been working with the Icelandic Crisis Management framework and also international best practices as NIMS (National Incident Management System).

Incidents/accidents management
To ensure continuous improvements it is important that employees have the possibility to report any incident and or accidents that occur. Incidents can be near-miss incidents, first aid, lost work or even serious accidents. HSE Consulting has developed incident management systems, with a focus on the practical side of the system, the user side of it. Incident reporting must be simple to access for all employees. To be successful, it is important for managers to give regular feedback and close out the action needed to prevent re-currence. The feedback shall take into consideration and prioritise actions based on severity, probability and resource demand. HSE consulting has participated in many HSE incident and accident reviews and emphasises on cooperation between managers and employees.

HSE audits & inspections
It‘s important for all companies that have put HSE as a priority to regularly audit or inspect HSE compliance within the company. This can range from mini-internal, informal checks to more comprehensive external HSE audits. HSE Consulting can create an inspection plan and conduct audits and inspections for your business. Inspections are based upon best practices and are useful for all business as a status report on HSE performance. From the result of inspections, HSE Consulting can develop an HSE plan for the company. The HSE plan can be the first step towards improved HSE performance and better overall HSE Management. The HSE plan will help to improve the HSE culture within the company. HSE Consulting has experience in working with mini-inspections and also more comprehensive external ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification audits. HSE consulting has the experience to develop HSE Management systems according to ISO 14001 and ISO 4501 from scratch, through development, pre-audit and successfully certified ISO and OHSAS systems. HSE Consulting has worked with world-class companies in the field of HSE as DuPont, Det Norske Veritas, Rolls-Royce, Rio Tinto and Bureau Veritas.

HSE Review
Management review is important for all companies that have prioritised HSE. HSE Consulting is experienced in regular Management Reviews held yearly. In this process, HSE performance is reviewed with top management of the company and the performance is compared to the objectives set for the year in hand. Also in the review, improvement opportunities are discussed as well as HSE work for the coming year (s). HSE consulting has chaired a number of HSE Management reviews, both in Iceland and also abroad.