At HSE, we have over fifteen years of experience, specialising and providing expert advice in the field of HSEQ - Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Management.


ISO 9001: 2015
Quality Management
ISO 45001: 2018
Occupational Health & Safety Management
ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management
ISO 26000: 2010
Social Responsibility
ISO 55001:2014
Assets Management
ISO 31000: 2018
Risk Management
ISO Integrated
Management System


At HSE Consulting, we have over 17 years of experience and our focus is to offer clients a , high quality service and deliver HSE best practice for your business.   Based upon our experience, a number of clients in Iceland and abroad have trusted HSE Consulting to support and solve various HSE, challenges or deliver improvements.  At HSE Consulting we provide the following services:

Social Responsibility
HSE strives to work with companies to make good work practices better. Social responsibility is an ever more important aspect in the operation of companies. Quality, environmental and safety issues are of paramount importance.  HSE helps companies to analyse opportunities and implement social responsibility policies by, among other things, defining Global Reporting Initiative – GRI…

Key processes & key documents
HSE has extensive experience in Plan-DO-Check-Act (PDCA) process approaches. We focus on simplicity and usefulness instead of red tape and large, heavy documents.  On implementation, HSE defines the processes and documents that are the most important to achieve the expected success.  The documents are entitled Key documents and Key processes.  Particular attention is paid to…


The policy is to be clear, concise and presented by management.  The policy must be visible to all employees and be policy formulating in a clear and simple manner.  The policy is a key document in the goal setting of each company.  HSE Consulting has defined policies…


Risk Management

HSE has extensive experience of risk assessments in a range of fields, HSE utilises best practices in risk analysis and focuses on simplicity and usefulness to improve performance.  HSE ensures the implementation of “risk based thinking” for the management systems and daily operations of companies. HSE uses the following methodology of ISO 31000…

Objectives and KPI´s
Goal settings is important to maximise results, ensure efficient management adn to integrate the company´s policies into its daily operation. We focus on clear and streamlined goal setting where management and employees work together toward established goals. HSE Consulting provides companies with consultancy services based on department and division goal setting according to ISO..

Documented Information
There are significant opportunities for simplification through efficient document management. It is important to ensure that employees have easy access to information on the management systems. HSE helps companies with the instalment of document management systems. Attention is paid to which documents the employee needs to have access and the best manner in which to include them in the daily work of the employee.

Procurement and Contractor Management
Contractors play an important part in daily operations. Efficient contractor management is required to ensure satisfactory performance. HSE defines processes used in the (pre) selection of contractors, procurements (tender documents), preparation and signing of agreements, training, management of work and assessment of performance. The actions of the buyer are defined for each step.

Incidents and non-conformities
The pulse of the daily operations of companies.  How do employees submit notification of incidents and nonconformities?   It is extremely important that employees can easily record any incidents and nonconformities that may occur within the company. HSE has established incident controls for companies that define the registration, classification, review, improvements and…

Performance and results
How is the company performing?  Are achievements in tune with the policies, goals and plans of the company?  Acceptable? What should be measured to assess performance and achievement?  HSE defines performance indicators and measurement schedules and presents them in an easily understood format. Companies decide on the frequency of measurements (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). Performance indicators and the results of measurements provide a clear…


HSE Consulting has more than 15 years’ experience of HSE issues and has worked for and with Icelandic companies and large international companies overseas such as Rolls-Royce, Rio Tinto, Shell and AF Decom and Alvotech. Thus we have gained valuable experience and knowledge of working with and implementing best practices

Accountable for developing, implementing and Managing HSE Systems for a large international company with satellite sites in Europe and Asia.

Project Management for start up of Biopharmaceutical site in Reykjavík, ensuring the company complied to relevant laws and regulations in start-up phase and in operation. Secured all relevant permits for the company. Developed an HSE Management System in line with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Completed HSE Risk Assessments in major projects and hundreds of different assessments conducted for different business sectors in Iceland and worldwide. Sectors including oil (depot and retail), aluminum smelters, construction in major projects, oil platforms and decommissioning of oil platforms, machine manufacturing and biopharma/laboratories.



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