HSE Consulting is Standard Solutions Group (SSG) agent in Iceland.

HSE Consulting has always wanted to raise safety awareness and increase safety culture in the Icelandic labour market, which lead to improved safety performance and hence reduce safety incidents and accidents. In recent years, we at HSE Consulting have been looking for a way or a solution that would meet the challenges, requirements, needs and expectations of the Icelandic labour market.

  • A solution that would benefit everyone who cares about the well-being of their employees.
  • A solution that would be easy to share and communicate important practical information.
  • A solution that would meet the needs of foreign workers and be available in their languages.

After a thorough search for a partner, we reached out to SSG. SSG’s expertise, experience and attitudes towards safety are in line with the mission and vision of HSE Consulting, as well as how well SSG´s environment and culture fits with the Icelandic, work and legal environment. Through close collaboration with its owners and the industry in Sweden, SSG has for more than 60 years specialized in improving good practice in industry by focusing on sustainability, safety and the environment.

SSG Standard Solutions Group

SSG coordinates industrial expertise and devises standardised solutions to common problems. Through collaboration in networks with more than 500 experts, we work together to improve the industry. Our shared knowledge and insights provide the very foundation for the services offered by SSG. This results in a broad, cohesive selection of services, standards and courses that help increasing productivity, make the work environment safer and improve sustainability for plants, contractors and suppliers.SSG Safety is a holistic solution that provides the right conditions for industrial enterprises to provide a safer workplace for their own employees, their contractors and visitors. The SSG Contractor Safety – Basic course is defined as a requirement at a number of major industrial plants in Sweden and is currently available in Icelandic and the following 18 languages: English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Slovak and Lithuanian.

HSE Consulting is a proud SSG Agent in Iceland and we see opportunities in offering a variety of SSG solutions for the Icelandic labour market in the coming years.


SSG services in Iceland

SSG Contractor Safety

SSG Contractor Safety is an online safety course for contractors. The course provides basic expertise and enhances risk awareness among contractors who often work in high-risk environments. The exercises raise awareness of how to deal with hazards of various kinds in the industry. This course aims to improve the safety culture and reduce accidents in the workplace.

It takes about two hours to complete SSG Contractor Safety – Basic Orientation. You can take the training anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. The course ends with a final test with certification, and a diploma is issued afterward. Results are valid for three years.

Both the plant and contracting companies can rest assured that all contractors, whatever their occupational group and nationality, have the same basic, necessary safety knowledge before work starts in according with an industry standard that has been tried and tested for ten years.

Some of our clients also have a Local SSG Entre course as a supplement to the basic course to communicate company specific and practical information to their contractors and to focus on industrial / company specific work environment and risks.

Read more on SSG Contractor Safety.


SSG On Site app

SSG On site is a digital communication service app for industrial sites. It replaces printed information and creates a safer work environment while enhancing communication.


  • Developed together with the industry.
  • Simple, user-friendly service resulting in an increase in safe behaviour and security.
  • Effective tool allowing sites to provide information to contractors and other external visitors.
  • Fast, clear, easy access for contractors on their smartphones.
  • Free to download from the App Store and Google Play.
  • > 50.000 users


  • Key contacts at the construction site.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental information and instructions.
  • Alert directly in the app
  • Up-to-date news & Push notifications
  • Information through QR-codes
  • Requirement control for the contractor
  • Map showing points of interest such as assembly points, defibrillators etc.
  • SSG Risk Assessment, etc directly in the app
  • Unique created checklists
  • Incident reporting

The app is a central part of the SSG Safety concept, a complete solution that gives the industry the right conditions to become a safer workplace, for its employees and those who visit the facility. So that everyone arrives home unharmed at the end of the working day!  The app can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Example of users of SSG On-Site: